Friday, August 24, 2012


Well this is coming a lot sooner than I thought it would....
   I'm afraid it has come to the time that I have to end this blog.   I went out and got me a part-time job!  Which I am actually excited about. It will be a good thing to make a few extra dollars each week. However, balancing family, home and now a job is getting tricky and trying to fit in time to craft for the ol' blog just isn't realistic.  I need to be able to focus on my family on days that I'm not working. 
I'm sure I will still craft and try to improve my house through crafts but now it wont be possible to do them as often. 
Thank you to those who read and supported me while I was doing this blog.  Maybe someday I will have the time to pick it up again.  Or maybe I will still update this blog with crafts but it will only be everyonce in a while.  Only time will tell!  I will be leaving the website up so that if anyone is interested in past projects they are still up to refer to.
Love you all,
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