Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Patriotic Pillow

Once again I'm pushing it close to the holiday with these.  I wanted to make some festive pillows for my couch for July.  Like I've mentioned before it's not official until I've got a pillow made up for my couches. 

This is what I came up with:

All I did was cut out an 18in x 18in pieces of white fabric.  I thought instead of sewing red and white strips together it might be fun to use red paint.  Thought it might give the pillow some texture...
So using 3 in strips of freezer paper I ironed it on and leaving alternating 3 in sections for painting red on.  I also used a foam paint brush to dab onto the fabric.  Once I was finished painting the red strips, simply pull off the paper and it gives you nice clean lines.  I didn't take pictures of this so if you need a visual look at my past projects that I did with stencils its the same concept.

Once the paint dried, I cut out a star with some blue fabric.  I have a cute mirror that is in the shape of a star that ended up being the perfect size so I used that as a template but you could find a star online and print it out on a piece of paper the size you want and use that as your template.

Also, I usually use heat n bond paper to iron on my shapes and applique them on.  This time though I just pinned it in place and used a straight stitch next to the edge all the way around the star.  I figured if the ends fray it will only add character, and in my opinion, make it cuter!

Then I also decided I wanted to make it into a slipcover and put it on a pillow form.  That way as the seasons change I can just switch out the slipcovers. Plus, (and the winning point) a slipcover is a lot easier to store then a ton of pillows! Major space saver!

So here is how to make your pillow into a slipcover.  Since my pillow front was 18 x 18. I cut two pieces at 12 in by 18 in.  That way you have around 4 or 5 inch over lap in the center.  So I guess if you are making different size pillow covers I'd just divide your width in half then add 5 inches to that amount and cut out two pieces in that size.  Wow I hope that makes sense!!

So here is a picture of one of the 12 in x 18 in pieces.  Then sew a 1/4 inch hem along one of the long sides.  Do the same to the other 12 x 18 piece.

Next, lay out the two pieces making sure they overlap in the center.  You will know if its overlapped enough when your measurement end up the same as your top piece. So for instance, I needed my bottom 18 x 18 just like the top piece.  Make sure it is layed out just the way you want it to look on your finished pillow.

Now, place your top piece on top of bottom fabric so they are face to face (right sides together). Then pin together all the way around.  Then just sew all the way around the edge, using a 1/4 to 1/2 inch seam.

After putting the pillow in it will look like this:

That's all there is folks!

I have another pillow to share with you I will post in a day or two, So check back!

Hope you're all having a fabulous summer so far!!
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Gym Shirt for Practically Free

Hi, its Chelsea's cousin Alyson. She was sweet enough to let me guest blog again! I am really excited to share this idea. I don't quite dare say craft since it only involves a shirt and scissors.  Anyway, I, like most women, enjoy trying (key word) to appear somewhat fashionable while looking like a wet beaten dog at the gym.  But I am extremely cheap.  These two words don't always work out so well while shopping unless armed with major coupons and store cards you know darn well how to use. I am not this girl unfortunately.  So hello to a cheap girls workout clothes dream! The old sad T-shirt turned into a cute useable workout tank top.  I suggest using a t-shirt that is a bit baggy or even sneakily taking one from the back of your husbands closet. The style is meant to be loose.

Start with laying out your T-shirt on a flat surface.
 Next cut the sleeves, collar and bottom hem off of the shirt. Cut all seams off with pieces.
Since I started with a -neck i just followed the v and cut out a V on the back.  If you use a different neck line be sure to cut a V in the front and back.
Next, take the bottom seam that you cut of and cut the double seam part off so that there is no seam. I hope this makes sense.
 Next stretch the piece that has no seam really well.
 Take the back of the shirt and tie a knot towards the top around the two side pieces.
          wrap it all the way down tightly and tie another knot to secure it
          Cut the left over piece off
 The finished product front....
 and back.....
 I hope you enjoy this!!! Happy cutting!!!!
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

You win some, you lose some

This project I was SO excited about doing! Unfortunately it didn't go as planned.  I guess every project can't go perfectly.  Let me explain a little better.  When I was a kid my Mom made these cute little wooden houses. The details that were painted on are so cute and delicate looking.   It wasn't anything overly complicated though and since it's something I've looked at my whole life I thought "HEY I could make these!"  HA! easier said then done!

I decided it would be so fun to make it into a girls night project with my sisters. So I cut up a bunch of 2 x4's into little 4 to 6 inch houses.  Using 1x3's or 1x4's to cut out some chimneys and extra parts of the houses.  That's where I came across my first speed bump.  I didn't realise how hard it would be to us a saw on such small pieces!  I would not recommend it unless you have the right tools, otherwise you are at risk of loosing some fingers!

Well, with the help of my neighbor and sister's tools I had it all cut out.  Gathered up some paint and found the smallest paintbrush I could find for painting details and we all got to work.  I feel so bad I took a bunch of pictures while we all painted and now I can't find them! I put off posting about this long enough so it will have to do with out them.  Just envision a mess of paint and houses all over a big table.

After we decided on house colors and got the roof and base color on we quickly found out just how hard it is to paint details! My tiny paintbrush wasn't small enough and it was so hard to keep a steady hand to make perfect straight lines.  We worked on it for a few hours and I don't think any of us completed one house.  I left feeling completely defeated and in awe over my Mom's amazing art work on her houses from years before.

After a few weeks break from it I decided to try again and managed to make one house look not to bad.  Whatcha think?:

Then I let it go again a few weeks and yesterday decided enough was enough I was gonna give it my best go at it then if it didn't work out, forget it!

This time I let my kids paint on the left over houses.  They loved it! and it keep them busy for an hour or more. Perfect summer project :)

Well I'm not that happy with the results and am pretty embarrassed to show them to you but I figured there might be actual artists out there that could see these and and use this idea to make super cute houses.


Well sorry to make you suffer through this one I'll be back with something better soon!

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Outdoor blanket made from drop cloth

So my sewing machine still isn't fixed. And how I miss it!
 Funny you don't realise how much you use something until its gone.  I can't wait any longer and wanted to share the project that I was working on when my sewing machine decided to stop. So it's not completely done but lets just pretend it is, OK? 

So I needed a blanket that I could use for photo sessions that was a little bit bigger.  The one that I've been using I liked but it was a little bit too small. So it dawned on me I still had a ton of drop cloth left and why not use that!  It's a good strong fabric that could be machine washed and I wouldn't mind if it got dirty or had to lay it out in the dirt. 

But if you don't need a blanket for photos this would also make a great picnic blanket!

So using my other blanket as a template for the width I cut it out adding a few more inches for the length.

I was left with this:

Then I cut some strips about 3.5 inches wide. 

Then sewed them all together to make one long strip.  Then I sewed it all the way around the big piece of fabric I cut out. 


After that I folded the top of my binding down a 1/4 of an inch then pinned it to the back of the blanket.

Like the picture below.  Since I was working with so much fabric it was much easier for me to pin the fabric down before sewing. (sometimes I'm lazy and don't like to pin)

Then sew as close to the edge as possible.  Do this all the way around.

About the time I got half way done is when my sewing machine stopped but you get the idea. Now it's ready for photo sessions or picnics (or will be soon) .  I keep thinking it would be cute to paint some stencil on it too, to maybe dress it up a little.  

That's it for now!  Hope you're having a happy Monday!

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