Friday, June 22, 2012

Gym Shirt for Practically Free

Hi, its Chelsea's cousin Alyson. She was sweet enough to let me guest blog again! I am really excited to share this idea. I don't quite dare say craft since it only involves a shirt and scissors.  Anyway, I, like most women, enjoy trying (key word) to appear somewhat fashionable while looking like a wet beaten dog at the gym.  But I am extremely cheap.  These two words don't always work out so well while shopping unless armed with major coupons and store cards you know darn well how to use. I am not this girl unfortunately.  So hello to a cheap girls workout clothes dream! The old sad T-shirt turned into a cute useable workout tank top.  I suggest using a t-shirt that is a bit baggy or even sneakily taking one from the back of your husbands closet. The style is meant to be loose.

Start with laying out your T-shirt on a flat surface.
 Next cut the sleeves, collar and bottom hem off of the shirt. Cut all seams off with pieces.
Since I started with a -neck i just followed the v and cut out a V on the back.  If you use a different neck line be sure to cut a V in the front and back.
Next, take the bottom seam that you cut of and cut the double seam part off so that there is no seam. I hope this makes sense.
 Next stretch the piece that has no seam really well.
 Take the back of the shirt and tie a knot towards the top around the two side pieces.
          wrap it all the way down tightly and tie another knot to secure it
          Cut the left over piece off
 The finished product front....
 and back.....
 I hope you enjoy this!!! Happy cutting!!!!
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