Monday, May 7, 2012

Newspaper Wreath

I have had a very interesting weekend!  My computer completely died!  I lost a bunch of pictures and my photoshop program.  I'm so bummed!  I've pretty much expected my computer to die but I thought it would hang in there longer.  :(
I have such a love hate relationship with computers!! My sweet amazing and very supportive husband had me go and get a new computer.  I still can't believe I have a new computer!  I have been day dreaming about getting a new one for such a long time!  I'm in love with how fast it is!  My time will be now be spent in a much more productive way. 
I still have the dilemma of what to do about photoshop though.  I was using photoshop cs4 and I was finally feeling comfortable with it and had a good system down with editing photos.  I have heard lots of good things about lightroom though.  So I'm torn about what to do. Should I upgrade to photoshop cs5 or get lightroom 4?   Lightroom is cheaper which is majorly appealing to me but I want to get something that I can use for a long time. 

So my point in telling you all this is I need help! Do you guys use photoshop or lightroom?  Ugh I don't know what to do. 

Oh in my search for what to do I did discover that you can download a free one month trail of Lightroom 4.  Which is awesome!!So if you're in the same boat as me try it for free! Click here for the link to the download.  I did download it but since its so new I'm still trying to figure it out. It so hard learning new programs! 

Anyways on to the latest craft:

OK you've probably already seen these wreaths around but I've been dying to make one for a long time.  So encase you haven't seen this then please keep reading and if you have bare with me.  These are so inexpensive and so easy to make but look amazing!

This is a wreath made with:
Wire wreath form
newspaper (took about 2)
spray paint
wire or zip ties

Costs me about 5 dollars

Here's how you make it.

Cut the newspaper down to rectangle shapes

Then grab about 5 or 6 sheets of your cut down sheets and lay it across the wire like so:

Then with a piece of wire wrap around the wreath form and center of the newspaper and pull it tight.

Separate the sheets of newspaper

Then scrunch them up

Now do this over and over till the whole wreath form is full.  Pack it tight.

It should end up looking like this:

Next, take it outside and spray paint it with your color of choice.
I then used Raffia to hang it in my room over my mirror.  I think the raffia adds a nice touch but its not necessary, I think it looks good without it too.



Bye for now!
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