Thursday, May 3, 2012

Drop cloth Window Treatment

I'm not done with that drop cloth yet!
About a year ago I painted my sons room.  Unfortunately, it came out a little darker then I had hoped.  I'm still so bummed about it!! I've been trying to come up with ways to lighten it without re-painting.  I have painted every room of my house and painting has stopped being fun for me.

While I'm still trying to come up with more ideas the most obvious one is to put in a lighter colored curtain.   Before I had a darker blue color, two paneled curtain with a rod.  Any one else sick of curtain rods!  I'm so sick of the holes that have to be drilled in the wall while installing and since this is an older home there are multiple holes from previous owners.  So I decided I'm done with it.  I'll fill in the holes and paint over them and use this method instead.

It's so easy to do and I think it adds some character to his room. I'm really loving it. 
 All I did was measure the width and height of the window.  Cut out a piece of drop cloth to those measurements. Sewed a 1/4th inch seam around.  Once again (same as bed skirt), while I was cutting the fabric I tried to use the existing hem as much as possible to make the sewing process quick and painless.
Then, I cut two long pieces of twine, twice the length of the curtain.  I found the middle of the twine and had one side going down the front and the other up and over the top then down the back side of the curtain.  I then sewed it in place so I wouldn't have to worry about it moving around.  

Then the best part is I used industrial strength Velcro to attach the curtain to the top of the window frame.  I think I might be obsessed with Velcro! I love not having to use nails or screws!  Unlike the Bed Skirt though I did use a long enough strip of Velcro to go all the way across the top of the window frame and the top of the fabric.  I have had it up for a week now and I haven't had any problems with it trying to fall off.

I keep the curtain pulled down at night for privacy

And roll and tie it up during the day to let lots of light.

I wish like crazy I could take all the credit for this idea but I got it from a book I bought a long time ago. It is called Romantic Home Sewing Cottage-style Projects to stitch for the Home by Christina Strutt. 

I want to live inside this book! Eveyr picture is beautiful and sometime if I need some inspiration with my home projects I sit and flip through it.   Click on the link above if you want to look into it more.  I've always been in love with the rustic, cottage style.

The only thing I did differently is by using the drop cloth fabric.  I would like to make another one for my daughters room using more of a light weight fabric like she does in the book, though.

Well that all for today! Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or let me know whats on your mind!


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