Thursday, May 10, 2012

To do OR not to do

My constant internal debate is whether or not its worth it to do certain projects myself.
For home decor and even a lot of wood working I feel like it is defiantly worth it!  Saves money and its so fun for me to see what I've accomplished. 


When it comes to some home improvement jobs like.. fixing appliances that have broken, or even cosmetic things like molding, tiling, etc. I'm not sure.  When it comes to fixing anything on our vehicles, that's a no brainer.  We know absolutely nothing about cars so a professional would have to do that. In that case I'm sure we would do more damage than good. 

Anyone else think about this?  I tend to over think everything so maybe this is one of those things I'm just thinking way to much about. :)

Well I bring this up because I recently tried something I always thought wouldn't be worth even attempting.  Dog grooming.  My husband and I are the owners to two dogs.  One is a pure bred springer spaniel and the other is a springer mix.  At least once a year (usually every spring) we take them in to get buzzed.  When they come out they look so sleek and amazing.  The only problem is it costs 100 dollars to get both them cut! Ouch!  Each year I cringe when it's time to get there hair clipped.  I hate having that much money going towards the dogs.

So this year I pumped myself up and decided I wanted to try and do it myself.  I convinced my husband I could do it and he gave me the green light.  The only thing that made him and I hesitate is I had to buy clipper which is between 40 and 50 dollars.  So if I screwed it up it would cost us more then just taking them in to have it done by a professional.

So I watched the little video of' how to clip your dogs hai'r that came with the clippers and I dove right in.  Here is the before picture:

Meet Krypto, looking very shabby and in a desperate need of a hair cut.

Now here is Krypto after I cut his hair!

Doesn't he look amazing!  Like a completely different dog.

Now I'm completely happy with the results of my DIY dog grooming.  I admit its not perfect, It was difficult getting around his feet and they aren't cut as short as they should be.  Also, it took me at least 3 hours per dog.  So it takes time but for me it was completely worth using up a day or a couple afternoons to cut my dogs hair myself.   This year I only saved us 50 dollars, since I had to buy equipment, but next time they need a hair cut this will save us at least 100 dollars!  So excited about this!

Through this process I feel like I've gained some confidence in trying new and different projects.  Sometimes I think we just don't give ourselves enough credit and we CAN learn new things.  We might actually surprise ourselves in all the things we can do! 

Hopefully, this post will give you the extra boost to attempt that project you've been wanting to make but not sure u can do.

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