Friday, January 27, 2012

Simple Star

This is another simple, quick, and frugal idea.
A few weeks ago I was out on a walk with my family and I saw a pile of these sticks on the ground.  I was, for whatever reason, drawn to them.  So I carried them home and decided to make a star out of them.
 I liked the thought of bringing a little bit of the outdoors in my home decor.   I made this star using sticks, hot glue, and a little spray paint.

 Used a little but of yarn or string to tie the ends together. 
Then, had a can of this pretty blue paint in my garage.  I'm not sure why but lately I'm really drawn to this sky blue color.  Which is odd cause I'm usually stuck on the color red.  So this will be a good change, I'm sure!

I'm liking it hung on my wall for now but I was also thinking it would be pretty above cabinets in the kitchen or even outside on the front of the house. Really it would  look good in any room, though.

So head outside and start gathering some sticks and make your own! Cause stick are free!
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