Monday, January 16, 2012

Snowflake Table Runner

Living in Southern Utah we are used to not having much snow but usually we will have at least one or two snowstorms that leave an inch or two on the ground.  Of course it doesn't stay on the ground long, usually by the time it's two or three in the afternoon it's all melted. This year, however, we haven't had any snow, or rain for that matter! Just lots and lots of cold wind! Not very fun. 

So, this year I'm making my own snow.  First with my cute snowman wreath from the post before and now with this snowflake table runner.

I knew I wanted the background fabric to be simple with no crazy designs so that the snowflakes would "pop".  At first I tried making all the snowflakes by just embroidering but they didn't stand out as much as I'd hoped.  So I picked out my biggest snowflake and made it applique, then added one more smaller applique snowflake.  That did the trick for me! I loved the combination of the white fabric snowflakes with the delicate embroidered snowflakes.  

I slapped on a back and sewed two lines around the edge to give it a finish look (see bottom picture to see better), and that's it.  It really did come together pretty easy and quick.  

Well I hope you like my table runner! If you are making one too and have any question don't hesitate to ask!
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