Monday, February 6, 2012

Cookies and Milk Baby Shower

 Over the weekend I got to throw a good friend her first ever baby shower! Soo fun...and maybe a little stressful.  Sorry family for the short temper any maybe slight neglect.  But hey I think it turned out pretty dang cute! We went with a cookies and milk theme. Although this wasn't made quite on a dime, it sure was sublime!
 I found the labels and banner from a party kit on etsy. LOVE her!! I need to check if i can put her on here but lets just say go to etsy and search milk and cookies party and you can't miss her. Very talented girl!  My friend and I baked away for a day to make the scrumptious cookies. Well, except the oreos of course.
 I also found these fabulous straws on etsy. Although not the cheapest way to go, I can't say they were too bad. 7.50 for 40 straws and it came with a pdf file of every event for a straw flag you could ever need. The glasses are Starbucks frappuccino bottles. Costco sells flats of these, at least mine does in the good ol' STG. I suggest trying there before buying each one individually.
 Lovely milk jug borrowed from my Throwing a fabulous party on a dime must always include checking your sources, or as my MIL says, your personal Wal-mart.
 I pretty much was a label junkie. Aren't they so cute though!!
I loved this sign!! I put it on the mirror behind the cookies.  I must say, I LOVE Steamroller Copies. I won't name names, but the first place I went to for invites was majorly overpriced. I was pleasantly surprised what it cost to get prints done at Steamroller. Give me a fair price and I am a life long fan.

 And on to the games. We decorated onesies. I had fabric, iron on material, iron on patches, and stencils for the girls to have fun and use their creativity with.  I think everyone did a great job. The T Rex won. I will show the prizes further down.
 Another borrowed awesome addition to the party. Milk buckets to put fabric and tools used for onesie decorating. I also had a celebrity baby name game.
 And of course the banner. What is a party without a banner?
 Roberts craft store sure will be missed but they went out at just the right time for me. I was able to pick the C (initial of baby's last name) picture for a lovely 50 cents instead of the original 5.
In the middle is the prize I had for the Diaper Raffle winner. Yes diaper raffle.  I bought a candle warmer (best known as a Scentsy these days) and a yummy brick of Orange Vanilla from Tai Pan and raffled it off. How this works is for every big box someone brought they got 3 tickets, large pack was 2 tickets and 1 small pack was 1 ticket.  It really encouraged people to bring more diapers and added some fun too.
 The take home treat bags filled with cookies of course!
 This was a prize given for the celebrity baby name game winner. I absolutely love target and their dollar section. I got the box, notepad, and cards all for a lovely $3! My friend donated the VS lotion.  Again, when on a budget, check your sources before you go shopping.
 The prize for the onesie game winner.
 For the wipe raffle I made this movie gift basket. I included all the movie essentials. Popcorn, Milk Duds, Swedish fish, Raisinets, and Red Vines. And of course the every so funny family friendly movie Fantastic Mr Fox. If you haven't seen this I HIGHLY recommend watching it. So many hilarious moments and one liners. In fact I think I will watch this tonight while I eat my leftover cookies. Girls, you really needed to eat more cookies!
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