Tuesday, February 21, 2012


OK so this year I made a resolution to learn new things.  One of those things was to learn how to knit. 

Unfortunately, my first thought when I think of knitting is of an little old lady sitting in a rocking chair knitting hot pads.  Sorry that maybe sounds terrible, but I just felt like it was an old womens hobby.  UNTIL, I kept seeing all of these extremely cute things people have knitted.  Here's a few things that inspired me to learn and trust me this is only a very very small sample:
(next few pictures found from pinterest.com)

I think the picture of the baby hat would have been enough to convince me.  I have seen dozens of super cute hats for either newborns or kids of all ages.  Then you throw in all the cute projects that can be made for your home (which I didnt show in the pictures above)! Seriously, it a no brainer.  I have to learn how to knit!

So I got online to find tutorials on how to knit.  I watched a few youtube videos that I felt were not that helpful. Then found a few different websites that still left me confused and overwhelmed.  Then I remembered one of the craft blogs that I follow had a series on knitting a long time ago and was able to find it.  This tutorial was the winner! Easy to follow, clear instructions, amazing pictures to illistrate directions.  Left me feeling like knitting was a do able thing to learn.  This blog is called Make it Love it.  Here is a link to her knitting series: http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2011/03/learn-to-knit-mini-series-with-rebecca.html If you have ever wanted to learn how to knit check this out and learn with me!

I have learned the knit stitch and am practicing the pearl stitch.  The very top picture and this picture below is of what I have made so far.  Please ignore the hideous orange one.  I only intended to practice with the orange and not actually make anything but with that tutorial it has you make wash rags using the different stitches so you have lots of practice and and can get it down.

I know my stitches aren't perfect but I on my way to learning how to make some fun things for my family!

I'm so excited! Happy Knitting!

P.s I am working on a craft that I'd like to share with you hopefully in a few days.  If it turns out as cute as what I'm envisioning it will be worth checking back to see :)

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