Monday, April 16, 2012

One of my favorites...

You may have already seen this floating around on various blogs, but in case you haven't I wanted share this amazing photography gadget, I bought a few months ago.

It's call a Lightscoop.....

And it has solved all my indoor photography problems!  Before the Lightscoop, If I wanted an indoor picture to turn out perfect the lighting had to be perfect.  It had to be afternoon and there had to be lots of light streaming in through near by windows and doors.  Otherwise, my pictures always came out too dark or blurry.  Of course, it is rare that all those precious moments you want caught on the camera happen at peak lighting times.  

It drove me absolutely crazy!  For instance this last Christmas most of my pictures came out horrible!   I was so excited to capture the excitement on my kids faces as they opened there presents.  Instead, I got blurry scenes of there excited faces because the lightening was low and my shutter speed was slow. You might be asking yourself..."Why didn't she just turn on the flash?"   Because the washed out faces and shadows caused by the flash drove me equally as crazy!  Something had to give.

So I checked to see how much an external flash would cost. $600, Yikes!  Not going to happen unless I win the lottery.  So time to figure something else out. I'd vaguely remembered reading about a lightscoop a long time ago on someones blog (sorry can't remember which one it was).  So I found the website and read about it and decided since it got so many good reviews.  That it would be worth a try.  The best part is that it only cost $30!  In photography land that is an amazing price!  It seems like every time I want to add to or upgrade my photography equipment it's all sadly very pricey.  So my list of wants gets longer instead of shorter. 

I have used it almost everyday since buying it and have love, love, loved it!  Now, it doesn't matter what time I finish a project I can take my pictures and know that the lighting will turn out pretty darn good. If the kids get silly in the living room in the evening and I want to capture it I can without having to worry about my shutter speed being too slow.  If I want to take a picture inside on a rainy day, I can!  So if you hate the built-in flash as much as I do, Check out there website found here.  There you will find many before and after pictures that you will be amazed at.  You wont be sorry if you decided to get it.

(By the way:  I'm not being paid to tell you about Lightscoop, these are my own, honest, opinions.  take them or leave them :)  ) 

Happy Monday!


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