Monday, April 2, 2012

Vynl vs Paint Showdown!

Have you ever wanted to buy those really big vinyl wall art?  But have you noticed the price tag?  Yikes!!pretty expensive. Well I have found the alternative solution for you....but first a story. :) 

A couple weeks ago I was up in Northern Utah visiting family. 
My sister, Lyndsie (that a pic of her below, isn't she beautiful!), is the hair stylist of the family, so while there I went to her house to get my haircut. Oh man! I'm so grateful that she is always willing to give me haircuts otherwise I would never make it to a salon and my poor hair would be in rough condition! 

Her talent goes beyond hair. Lyndsie and my other two sisters also have a blog only theirs is a cooking blog.  They all have an allergy to sugar (so far I haven't gotten this and hopefully I wont ever) and because of that it changes the way they cook everyday.  So this blog is full of yummy sugar free treats and meal ideas!  I definitely get in bad eating habits and it would be nice to have a treat to eat that I don't need to feel guilty about eating or giving my kids.  I think we could all do with a little less sugar!  The blog is call Natural Sweeties click on this link and check it out! You wont be sorry!
Anyways, while at her house my eye caught this amazing sight in her daughters bedroom.  Isn't that amazing!!     

I instantly demanded to know how she did it and asked if I could post about it on this blog.  Thankfully, she said yes because I have been obsessed with it ever since I saw it! I will try my best to relay the how to directions she gave me.

She said she was looking online at the vinyl version of what she now has on her wall. It was over 100 dollars to buy and she just did not want to spend that kind of money on it.  So instead she thought she could paint it on.  She researched it online and got some painting tips.
All the supplies she used was:
 *a small sample jar of paint (brown for the tree trunk).  I thought that was ingenious to use the sample jars they are only a couple dollars and would give you the perfect amount of paint.  *Acrylic paint (green for leaves), *tissue paper for blossoms and *craft paper for butterflies.  She used just a *small craft paintbrush for leaves and* a little bigger brush (she said she bought a few different kind of brushes and just tried until she found the one she liked the best) for trunk, and *an old rag.

First, she traced the outline using a pencil on the wall. Then on the bigger tree trunk part she would dab some paint on the go over the paint with the damp rag to help dilute the paint and spread it out in the area and direction she wanted. After that dried she went back in using a smaller brush and added lines in the trunk to give it more detail and texture.  Then also using the smaller paint brush and acrylic paint she painted on the leaves. 

After that Lyndsie and her kids worked together to make the butterflies from paper and pom poms out of tissue paper.  Then simple attached them to the wall with tape.

She also said she is planning on changing the look of the tree as the seasons change.  So changing out the blossoms for fall colors and snowflakes for the winter.  Another amazing idea!! Oh and I should mention the best part, it only cost her 10 dollars to complete this project!  Now that is what I call Sublime on a Dime!

I've been dying to update my daughters room and have been trying to come up with fun ideas.  I am totally going to have to copy this.

Hope this inspired you as much as it did me!

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