Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning Bug

I have officially been bitten by the Spring cleaning bug!  The last week I have been furiously trying to organize and clean all the dreaded corners that I've ignored one too many times.  Such as the closets, garage, going through kids clothes switching out winter clothing for summer, the kitchen/bathroom drawers,etc...

It is still a major work in progress. Many times I feel completely overwhelmed and feel like putting it off yet again.  Then I walk into the garage or one of my kids rooms and I have an anxiety attack because it looks terrible and I can't find anything I need!  So to avoid dying of a heart attack at the age 28 I must press on!! 
I know it will all look and feel amazing when it is done.  So that keeps me motivated to follow through to the end.  I am just amazed at how much stuff a family of 5 can accumulate!  My husband and I are not big spenders, we try not to spend money on frivolous things, so where does it all come from!?  Anyone else have this problem?  Throwing it all away would make me a very happy person, however, I know that isn't always the best solution.

I just can't stand that every time I need a bowl or appliance out of the kitchen, or something out of the garage or closets I have to move stuff around to get to it! My dream is to have every organized in a way that I know exactly where it is and to be able to pull it out without everything I don't need falling out on me! Ugh moving into a house that is barely over 1000 square feet maybe wasn't that good of an idea.  Or we should have at least taking storage into consideration before settling.  I guess you live, you learn right?

So over the next few months I'd like to share my organizing solutions with you.  I wish I could get it all done right now but it will have to be a slower process.

Since I've been mostly working on my garage lately, I will start there.  To start I will mention that we have absolutely no storage inside the house and no attic or basement storage.  So anything that we deem worthy to hang on too goes out in the garage.  I've tried to keep things in boxes or bin but it was through this last year it got away from me and turned into an unorganized mess.  So I pulled everything down, went through every box, got rid of somethings, and move shelves so there was a better flow. 

One thing that really helped was to get rid of the cardboard boxes (that were all falling apart) and replace them with plastic storage bins.  It helped things look better and I felt better knowing things we protected. Then, of course, I labeled them all so at a glance I would know where things are without having to dig.

My next favorite organizing tool for the garage was this...

The one I used is called Hyloft ceiling mount shelf.  I would much rather have a attic storage but since I don't have that this is the next best thing.  It hangs on the ceiling in the garage and it can hold quit a bit of weight.  I just love having things off the floor, it gives me the illusion of having more space.  

I will eventually buy one more off these.  I swear all the things that you have to have for babies is ridiculous! and takes up so much space! So I'd like another ceiling storage for my holiday bins.  The one I bought cost around $55 so its not the cheapest solution but it really is awesome.  It hangs down low enough to put lots on it but not too low that you can't walk under it.

Well that's all for now.  I have about a dozen projects started right now and can't wait to get some of them completed so I can share.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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