Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Closet Solution

 Well I'm not quite finished with building with my beautiful pallets. I swear there just isn't enough hours in a day.  It feel impossible to get everything I want done, most days. I should have finished it yesterday but of course the battery on my drill was dead! Sigh....note to self: make sure tools are charged BEFORE I start working on a project. I can not tell you how many times I've done that. It so aggravating.

So I'll share with you a project I did a while ago. The closet in my bedroom used to have two big heavy sliding doors on it. For whatever reason one of the doors kept popping off the track.  I put the door back on a dozen times till I was finally fed up with it and just took both doors off.  I didn't want to leave the closet open all the time but didn't have the money to go out and buy new doors.  

This was the solution I came up with:

(please ignore the shadows at the bottom my bed was casting a big shadow I couldn't get rid of)

I measured the height and width that I'd need and went out and bought curtains.  I couldn't find one that was wide enough so I bought two and just cut and sewed the extra width that I needed off of the second curtain. 

I attached a wire with clips at the top of the frame and simply clipped the curtain on.  I bought the wire and clips at Ikea. You can find it here.  I bought the curtains there also.  I've actually only been to Ikea once seeing how it is over three hours away from my house I don't get the luxury of going there often. I really liked it though and wish I had one closer!!

I left the curtain slightly longer than I needed so if I washed it I wouldn't have to worry about it shrinking. I was happy with the results and think it looks a ton better then those big clunky doors.  Now I'm debating whether to put stenciling on it to give my room texture and style.  What do you think?

Please ignore the mess inside my closet in this next picture! Ahh its terrible! My closet isn't very efficient with the space that is there.  That is on the list of projects to do the next few months.  I'm still debating whether to build permanent shelves or buy the fabric shelving you can get at the store.  I'll show you when I decide and get it done.

Hope you enjoyed!

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