Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Chandelier

In the mail a few days ago I received my monthly parents magazine.  Which I don't usually subscribe to but I was able to get a 2 year subscription for something crazy like 3 dollars, so i figure why not. Anyways, while I was flipping through it they have these super cute egg chandeliers, made with balloons and yarn.  I knew when I saw these I had to make them.  In the magazine though they left the balloons in and I wanted to make mine slightly different.  I made mine with two different colors and also got rid of the balloon in the center after the yarn dried. So here is my take on the parent magazines egg chandelier.

Here is what I made:

I wish they would have photographed a little better. They really do stand out better then this in real life.  There is just way to much light coming through them to get the real feel.  However, I love out these cute eggs look hung in that space above the T.V. in my living room and I even love how delicate they look!

Here is what you will need if you decide to make them too:

A large bowl, yarn, balloons, Elmer's glue, and not in the picture lots of newspaper to cover your work space.  This is a messy project! 

Do you remember making paper maiche as a kid?  Well this is just like that only you are using yarn instead of paper.  So mix your glue with water.  The magazine says to use 3 parts glue to 1 part water.  But I just kind eye balled it and adjusted as I went.  The first balloon I did I felt like I didn't mix in enough water so I adjusted it for the next few balloons and felt like it worked better.  

After I wrapped the balloons with the yarn I tied a new piece of yarn to the tops and hung them to dry.  Ignore the little balloons I was going to see if I could make it work in a smaller version but I don't think I wrapped enough yarn on them so they didn't really work out.  I may or may not try it again....we will see.  

I gave them close to 24 hrs to dry. This next step made me nervous it would all just crumble and be a hopeless mess.  I popped the balloons and as they deflated it did cause the yarn to be pulled in with the balloon it a little.  I just had to work with it a little and carefully help separate the yarn from the balloon. The yarn bounced back and held it shape pretty good after that.  Because the balloon had lots of dried up glue residue on it that clung to the yarn I did have to go through and pick some of it off. 

After I got it cleaned up I tied a clean piece of color matching yarn to the top of chandelier.  Then using a push pin I wrapped a little bit of the yarn around it and pushed it into the ceiling.

I love how festive they make my house feel! It's really feeling like full blown spring in and out of my house!  I love it!

Hope you enjoyed!  Please don't hesitate to ask questions, if you have any.

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