Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Eggs

Hi! Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  I am officially in the spring cleaning mood, some of which I got done yesterday.  I feel like every inch of my house either needs reorganizing or major cleaning.  It's just finding the time to get to it all.  I'm not sure if its the time change that's throwing me off still or what but time has been flying by!  As I write this I can't believe it is already past 2 o'clock! 

I find that once I get my everyday cleaning done there just isn't enough time to get to that deep cleaning that I want and need to do.  So my goal for the next week or two is to do at least one extra deep cleaning chore a day.  I have the motivation right now but we will see how that holds in a day or two.   

Well on to my next Easter craft!!

 I don't know about you but I Love those cute decorative balls that people but in glass containers and put either on a table or shelf.  My problem with them is I can't justify me spending what little money I have on them.  So the other day I was thinking how cute it would be to have eggs like those cute decor balls. I thought I'd try and make my own, on the extreme cheap.  
First, I thought about what items I already had that could be used.  I always keep a stash of those plastic Easter eggs out in the garage so every year I don't have to go out and buy more. So I knew I wanted to use those cause even if I didn't already have them they are super cheap to buy and u get a million of them in a bag (OK slight over exaggeration :))  I did go out and buy string for it but afterwards I realized I probably could have used embroidery floss instead which I have a stash that has accumulated over the years.

Here was my first attempt:

I used Elmer's glue and some colorful string. 

Turned out just okay, I thought.  The glue made the plastic egg slippery and my fingers sticky so it took some patience and time to get the string on just right.  As you can see, however, it is far from perfect.  I kept thinking if I had a thicker string it would have gone smoother and faster.  So as I was laying in bed one night it came to me!  Why not use strips of fabric and hot glue! 

I went through my stash of fabric and pulled out pieces that I've always loved but never had the right project for. Cut out long 1 1/2 to 2 inch strips and just like you would if you were making a rosette. I twisted it as I glued it onto the egg. 

My only advice is to only apply a small section of glue at a time. Otherwise, it will be completely unavoidable of burning off your fingertips.  So starting at the top of the egg I inch by inch glued then wrapped then glued and wrapped until I reached the bottom.  This method went a ton quicker then using the string and since I used hot glue I didn't need to worry as much about the fabric slipping around on the egg. It stayed put pretty darn good.

So I whipped up a few more and place them in a cute spring pie dish I had with colorful grass and there you have it!

A simple, quick and very inexpensive but super cute Easter craft!

More to come soon!
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