Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter Tree

Such a fun and easy project!

An Easter tree!!  Seriously why should Christmas have all the fun.

I wish I could take credit for coming up with this idea, however, it was my mom that started this.  It was somewhere around the time I was 9 or 10 years old when she first made it.  Every year since it decorates moms table or counter top.  I always looked forward to seeing it and eating all the yummy treats that were put under it.  

Now I will keep that tradition going for my kids :) 

(I'm aware this pic looks weird.  I needed a darker background so you can see the detail better.)

Here is all you need.  A big dried up weed (that reminds you of a tree), spray paint, a basket, dry floral foam, streamer paper (if you decide to make blossoms), and goodies to put under your finish tree :)

This is an easy one to involve the kids. Have them go on a walk with you to help find the perfect Easter tree weed.  My kids had lots of fun with this! and it did me good to get some exercise and fresh air.

I painted my basket sky blue and my weed white. Once dried, I place the dry floral foam in the bottom of the basket.  Cut the stem of the weed down to size then push down into the foam. I also got out some scissors and trimmed the tree to the size and shape I wanted.

Then place grass over the top of the foam.

Add favorite Easter treats. :)

My mom always put tiny Easter ornaments on her tree.  I did see some at Joannes for 5 dollars for a pack.  For whatever reason I didn't grab them while I was there.  I'm hoping to go back and get some but for now I thought blossoms, made out of streamer paper, would be fun. 

Here's how I made mine.  I cut out around 1 inch squares.  Fold in half, then in half again. You'll end up with this:

Next, cut the part of your square that is open into a heart shape.

Open up and you will end up with this:

Now dab a tiny big of Elmer's glue in the center of blossom and stick on branches.

My moms Easter tree is still looking good even after all these years.  So if stored carefully it should last you for a lifetime.  However, if don't want to worry about storing it, it costs next to nothing to make and would be easy to make again every year. 


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