Friday, March 2, 2012

Fun Surprises

I got a few fun surprises the last few days.  The first is my amazing husband brought me home these beauties: 
I think he was a little shocked at how excited I was when he brought them home.  Hopefully, that means he will find me some more. :)  I'm working away on making a few things out these pallets to share.  I just love getting free wood!!

The next surprise came yesterday.  My dog had puppies! Awe they are so cute!

My dog is a full bred springer spaniel and we have been wanting to have some full bred puppies to sell for quite a few years.  So it's exciting to have it finally happen.  It's too bad puppies are so adorable it makes it hard to want to part from them.  Luckily, the vision of five full grown dogs running around pops into my head and I'm cured of the nostalgia! So if anyone lives in Utah and wants a full bred springer spaniel (they are great hunting dogs, by the way) leave me a message or email me at 

Well I'm off to build something.... Happy Weekend!

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